TJR Site Map

Since Hurricane Irma, The layout for The Jeep Ranch has changed.  Our new entrance is located just off of 470 and the camping area has not only relocated to a brand new spot but we now have 2 campgrounds!  The Stage is in the same place, as are the trails.  We have a lot of stuff in the works, including a very nice front gate setup which will be much more organized!  Our new layout was tested immensely at the 2017 Krawl'n For The Fallen event and it exceeded our expectations!

Trail 1 - 2.5 miles

Trail 1 is a stock trial with offshoots for modified Jeeps. At the beginning of the trail there are modified section on the right side with the stock trail following along on the left. There are a couple of pits that can contain water/mud, steep hill to drive down, small rocks towards the end, valley to drive into/down, and a couple of ditches to get through. Stock Jeeps can go around any of the mentioned obstacles and are marked well on this trail.

Trail 2​ - 1 mile

Trail 2 can be done in a stock Jeep. It has offshoots for modified Jeeps. After entering trail 2 the first offshoot to the left (through a fence) is a tight modified trail with off camber and small hills to climb over. This trail has a section of rocks that modified/extreme Jeeps can use, a mud section, a couple large fell trees, and a large mud/water pit at the very end. All mentioned obstacles can be bypassed and are marked.

There is a very short modified trail over a couple small hills to the right of the entrance to trail 2 right at the tree line. This has off camber situations.

Trail 3

Trail 3 is primarily a stock trail with several deep mud holes that have bypasses.  There are a few tight turns in this trail.  At the end of trail 3 is a short offshoot for modified Jeeps that is a bit more difficult than the rest of the  trail.

There is a hill for modified Jeeps that lies east to west direction in the tree line. You enter at the beginning of the trail and turn directly left. A series of U-turns is used to go up and down the hills as you make your way down the tree line towards the east.

Before you enter trail 3, to the left is a clearing with a stock obstacle course that runs east.

Trail 4 - 1.2 miles

Trail 4 is for modified Jeeps with some extreme options.  It contains a small rock garden to drive over at the start and 4 hill climbs. You can drive beyond the rocks and choose which hill to climb (1-4) where marked.  Hills are steep and have loose ground while the other side has a steep descent.  It also has a couple of rolling hills and off camber at the start. Beyond these it is tight is some spots.  4 door jeeps should take care getting around these corners.  

4 B,C and D are moderate to extreme, lockers and spotters are highly recommended.   4B is shown at the bottom of the map in red.

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