The Jeep Ranch Rules

To maintain the integrity of The Jeep Ranch, we have set rules that are to be followed at all times.  You must read all Disclaimers and Rules before signing waivers & be familiar with the park and rules before entering.  These rules are subject to change so please 

re-read them before attending any events at The Jeep Ranch.  Thank you!

effective 05-22-2014                                 revised 11-01-2017

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You must have State Issued Photo ID with you to enter The Jeep Ranch.

Three Wheelers, ATV's, dirt bikes and motorcycles are not permitted.

At this time, The Jeep Ranch accepts cash only.

All minors / riders / drivers under the age of 18 must have a parent or adult guardian sign the consent form and be supervised by their adult guardian at all times.  Adult and minor waivers can be found via the links at the bottom of the rules.  It is helpful if you bring the signed waivers with you, especially if you are with a large group.  Everyone entering The Jeep Ranch MUST sign liability waiver for each event.

Wristbands must be worn throughout the entire stay at The Jeep Ranch. You may be required to pay another entrance fee should a cow graze on your wristband.

Safety is paramount!  Riding in a vehicle is not permitted without the proper use of seatbelts or off road harness/restraints.  All Side by Sides must have either lights or a glow whip for night riding!  All manufacturers’ safety recommendations should be followed and safety equipment is strongly recommended for all riders/drivers.

For safety, please use LED lightbars sparingly so as not to blind others. Headlights are recommended when poor light conditions or low visibility such as dust are present.

Driving recklessly, doing donuts, and/or speeding will result in your removal from The Jeep Ranch.  Property speed limit is 5mph.  Please exercise extra caution when pedestrians and/or cows are present.

All pets must be with their owners and on a leash at all times when on the property.  Pet owners are fully responsible for their pets and their actions.

Please leave wildlife alone and do not attempt to pet, feed or ride any animals.  

Everyone must obey the directions of The Jeep Ranch personnel at all times.  Staff will be wearing neon or bright green shirts.  If you cannot find staff member, go to the front gate and request to speak to a staff member or manager.   Any disrespectful actions towards a staff member may result in removal from The Jeep Ranch.

ZERO TOLERANCE FOR FIGHTING – Fighting will ensure your removal from the park.**

All vehicles must remain within the boundaries of The Jeep Ranch and avoid all restricted areas, to include mining and roped off sections.

Campfires must be kept in designated areas set by The Jeep Ranch and must be monitored at all times with proper water to extinguish.  Only firewood and/or paper products should be burned.

**************No Underage Drinking. All state alcohol laws apply****************

No Illegal Drugs are permitted.

No glass bottles or containers are permitted.   There are areas for trash, please bag trash and drop it in designated areas.  Designated areas do NOT include port-a-potties!

No Firearms / No Fireworks / No Littering / No Chainsaws.

Trails are for vehicles, not romantic strolls through the woods.

Stay out of protected wetland areas!!!  If you are not sure what these wetland areas look like, please ask a staff member to advise you.

All roads around the ranch are designated by signs.  Do not attempt to go the wrong way on a trail.  All trail entrances are clearly marked.

Supervise children at all times!!!  There are hazards at TJR including but not limited to coyotes, alligators, mosquitos, horseflies, cowpies, campfires, nettles, and retained water.  Parents or guardians are responsible for children while on The Jeep Ranch property.

Minor Waiver for The Jeep Ranch

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Adult Waiver for The Jeep Ranch

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